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Age is just a number, music is forever!

“The age of a person doesn’t matter. The sweetest music is played on the oldest violin” – Jessie Andrews

G’day everyone, let’s all take time to read this article and feel inspired. It’s never too late to try or learn anything, especially with music.

Alexei Romanov – The talented, fingerless pianist from Russia

Good morning everyone, I gladly present an inspirational piece of musical news to you everyday

As you know, some of us may often grumble about the struggle of learning an instrument or music theory. There are literally thousands of reasons which are our excuses to put down or walk away from an instrument or the music class or even worse, to choose not to play any at all in the 1st place.

Alma Deutscher – A violin prodigy

“I lost myself to music at a very early age. And i remained there” – Steven Morrissey

From the oldest to the youngest, music seems to palpate everyone’s heart and beautify their mind, their soul.

let’s take some time to look at this article and be inspired, especially young children and parents.

Getting to know Tool

Good morning music lovers, specifically rock lovers!

I think it’s one of the best ways to start our day by getting to know Tool, as i’m quite certain that there are only a handful of people here in Vietnam who know and have heard of them.

Auftdart New Appointment – Chicago Symphony Orchestra Violinist Rudolph Kremer

As part of our drive to position excellence in collaborative music-making at the heart of the Auftdart’s evolving identity, the Auftdart Academy of Music and Performing Arts is pleased to announce our new violin faculty appointment – Mr. Rudolph Kremer.