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Auftdart Academy of Music and Performing Arts

“Music is the Universal language of Mankind” - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

The Saigon-based Auftdart Academy of Music and Performing Arts (AAMPA) is definitely one of the most prestigious and outstanding schools in Vietnam regarding the realm of musical education and practice.

Its faculties consist of award-winning, well-rounded and totally dedicated artists and teachers.

And the practice-led research sets Auftdart apart as the cradle of excellence, integrity and professionalism.

Auftdart’s teachers are devoted to laying the foundation for

  • The significance of the music in particular and art in general towards personal awakening and social transformation.

  • An empowering and dynamic environment to inspire ambitious staff and students alike.

  • The development of every student’s intellect, creativity and strict self-reflection.

Primary focus

With an emphasis on one’s musical progress and intense work-ethic, our teaching philosophies revolve around innovation and encourage an individual’s different interpretations of art. Our students are trained to acquire thought-provoking, ready-for-action mindset that set them apart and helps them emerge as proficient practitioners in the music industry.

Quality mentors

Students are mentored by internationally renowned faculties who have spent a majority of their lifetime practicing and mastering various instruments such as piano, guitar, violin, cello and clarinet. Collectively, they all hold impressive portfolios with high-ranking universities and world-wide recognized institutions including, to name a few, Johns Hopkins, Codarts, Ville De Luxembourg and Mahidol…etc.

As a matter of fact, students tend to expect much more from the faculties than just their technical and musical skills. For that reason, the teachers are always willing to be each learner’s personal counselor who gives advice on various topics such as educational choices, music-related activities, picking a right instrument to play and all other aspects of our student’s growth.