Cello / Double bass / Music Theory

The air of self-ease about him reflects his evident affinity with music. Mr. Tran is one of the most talented and highly regarded double bassist of his generation in Asia. He is an experienced orchestra player, active chamber musician and solo performer. He has played virtuoso pieces, not only on a new technique level, but a new level of mastering double bass.

He has maintained high standard of performances in pass years. He performed with many famous orchestras in the world; namely, the Vietnam National Symphony Orchestra, Peabody Symphony Orchestra, Asean Symphony Orchestra, The New World Symphony Orchestra in Miami, Singapore Symphony Orchestra, Singapore Festival Orchestra, and the Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra. He has worked with many famous conductors and artists; namely, Leon Fleisher, Gustav Meier, Hajime Teri Murai, Tetsuji Honna, Yoshikazu Fukumura, Colin Metters…etc. Besides that, his name appeared at many famous concert halls: The Carnegie Hall in NewYork, Boston Symphony Hall, Malboro Concert Hall in Philadelphia, and Esplanade Concert Hall in Singapore.

In 2009, Minh is the first double bass major awarded the Olga von Hartz Owens Memorial Prize for string at Peabody institute of the Johns Hopkins University. His solo performances with the Vietnam National Symphony Orchestra and the Ho Chi Minh City Ballet and Symphony Orchestra were interviewed by Vietnam News as well as many other newspapers in Vietnam. He received his undergraduate degree in music at Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music in Singapore, and his Master of Music degree at the Peabody Institute in Baltimore. His major teachers include Paul Johnson, Guennadi Mouzyka, and Halrold Hal Robinson.

A key influence in Duc Minh’s life is his father, who is also a master player of the double bass, as was his strong traditional family in music. As a child, he attended all of his father’s concerts, quietly listening in rapt of the magical melodies that exuded from a well-coordinated orchestra, albeit at backstage. Now, Duc Minh takes the front stage with confidence and class to captivate his audience with the beautiful of his art.