Lam Hien Hoang is recognised as one of Vietnamese’s most versatile and imaginative musicians and among today's most engaging pianists. She began her music education at the age of seven and it has remained a fundamental part of her life. Ms. Hoang is a graduate of the highly regarded Liege Royal Conservatory of Music in Liege, Belgium. She has performed and taught piano in Belgium, Luxembourg, Hanoi, and Ho Chi Minh city. Heralded as ‘one of the most innovative pianists in Vietnam today’, the 28th year – old pianist from Hanoi received her Superior Degree from the Luxembourg Conservatory of Music, and both Bachelor and Master Degree from the Liege Royal Conservatory of music.

During her study at the Vietnam National Conservatory of Music in 1993 – 1997, she continuously won a numeral of first prizes at the keyboard competitions which included a serie of Yamaha keyboard competitions. Besides that, she also got a full scholarship from the National conservatory of music for her contributions to the conservatory. Her teachers here are included Dr. Luu Quang Minh and Dr. Tran Thu Ha – former director of the conservatory.

During her musical journey in Europe, Lam has worked closely with many famous pianists included Sylvie Vinkel, Daniel Blumenthel, Dana Protopopescu, Thomas Duis, Jean Muller. She studied in the studio of professor Jean Schils, and also got lessons with professors Marie – Paule Cornia, Christophe Meunier, Nadia Jradia, Stephane De May, Gabriel Teclu.

Since embarking onto the musical arena, Lam has successful established herself firmly as a concert pianist in Liege, Belgium. She was invited to perform Mozart’s piano concerto No. 21 with Luxembourg Conservatory of Music Orchestra. In December 2011, Ms. Hoang performed with the Liege Royal Conservatory of Music Orchestra in a concert named « Kisses from Russia ». Besides that, Lam was an active soloist in many concert halls around Liege and Bruxelle area, and participated in many music festivals in Liege.