At Auftdart, you will experience…

  • A real music school where the top priority is students’ hands-on experiences and joy, where straight-to-the-point lessons and rigorous teaching methods are constantly improved and delivered.

  • The positive vibe that ignites artistic ambitions under the flexible and reasonable guidance of our interdisciplinary faculties.

  • Be in a progressive environment where you are encouraged to be an innovative free-thinker.

  • Be mentored by some of the best music practitioners.

  • Be immersed in the global art scene with regular visits from the world’s premier artists.

  • Be in an accredited academy with programs that are originated and developed by Auftdart.

  • Be beneficial from working out established performances that lead to promising employment.

  • Be embraced by a diverse community in a conductive hub of artistic energy with 80% of students and lecturers from different countries.

  • Eat, breathe and live creatively, musically 24/7 with activities similar to on-campus performances.

Auftdart’s vital vision is to found a friendly and close-knit community for professional musicians who are completely dedicated to creating:

Top Quality: generating a high-quality standard for musical education, making it approachable and affordable for a wide range of students.

Performance Opportunities:  supplying students with chances in which they can show their talents and develop their performance abilities; create a sphere of confidence for the future’s competent musicians; encourage students to work on their career development; help children contribute their effort to enriching the community culturally and musically.

Lifelong Learning: recruiting exceptional teachers to train musicians in understanding thorough music theory; “a musician needs different types of skill – technical, theoretical and creative – and good teachers use lessons to develop all these elements simultaneously.” (Raising an amazing musician, 2009, ABRSM)

Global Citizens: creating an appropriate and prestige environment for students to grow their overall musicianship and self-discipline.  

Connect People: building a warm and welcoming atmosphere for parents and students to be directly in touch with our staff, so that they will share an unbreakable bond along the way.

In addition to pursuing the ABRSM systems, in order to evaluate students fairly and correctly, we provide opportunities for those who will be examined by the professors, whose objective is to help students strengthen their abilities and get them used to the testing environment. Therefore, there will be room for competition in which students are encouraged to perform at their best.

Then, come to Auftdart if you are a glutton for music and art.