The value of education is priceless as it is an investment for the future as it is immeasurable and extremely significant.At AAMPA, our mission is to continuously invest and innovate for future generations in order to improve your student experience and inspire everyone involved with an invigorated passion for music.

So whenever you invest in your future, so will we and AAMPA will continue to create the best experience possible for all of our students. We also provide other free-of-charge activities such as:

Annual Concert
Performance Classes
Qualification Exams
Books Club
Jam Sessions

Students who have registered for instrumental lessons will receive a discount on other courses. All payments will be collected 12 weeks before the lessons commence.

- 5% discount on the 2nd subject or the second child from the same family
- 10% discount on the 3rd subject or the third child from the same family

- For Private Instrumental lesson:

30 - minute lesson: 410.000 VND only
45 – minute lesson: 610.000 VND only
60 – minute lesson: 810.000 VND only

- For Music Theory lesson:

60 minutes lesson: 700.000 VND (for 1 attendee)
60 minutes lesson: 350.000 VND (for 2 attendees)
60 minutes lesson: 250.000 VND (for 3 - 4 attendees)