To create the environment Mrs. Bok envisioned, the Curtis curriculum combines one-on-one training with master artists and courses in musical studies, liberal arts, and career studies. Students at the Curtis Institute of Music enjoy a wealth of opportunities to perform, listen, and learn.

Curtis is America’s most selective music conservatory, and its high standard for entry ensures that students rehearse and perform alongside musical peers. Curtis’s student body is international and multicultural, and there is no minimum or maximum age to audition.

In a uniquely nurturing environment, the school’s superb faculty encourages students at every step to grow as artists and as members of the Curtis community.

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The Curtis Institute of Music highly values a diverse international student body. Since its founding in 1924, Curtis has welcomed all applicants regardless of race, geographic origin, religious background, socio-economic level, gender, or sexual orientation.

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All students at the Curtis Institute of Music receive merit-based, full-tuition scholarships regardless of their financial situation.

Academic Policies and Procedures

Curtis is committed to musical and academic integrity. Guidelines and policies detail students’ and teachers’ rights and obligations as members of Curtis’s community and are provided to foster excellence on stage and in the classroom.

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