Getting to know Tool – Auftdart –

Good morning music lovers, specifically rock lovers!

I think it’s one of the best ways to start our day by getting to know Tool, as i’m quite certain that there are only a handful of people here in Vietnam who know and have heard of them.

Auftdart is a classical music-oriented teaching academy but if you are passionate about rock music and learning to play guitar skillfully (i’m sure you all are ), you gotta check our school out as our amazing guitar teacher here will guide you through wonderful lessons and rigorous methods, so you can confidently play and master your guitar playing abilities in the most effective and fun ways possible.

And maybe one day, with your guitar skills, you’ll be able to form a band that will be just as successful as Tool. So why not dream and take action right now at the same time? Let’s inspire and be inspired!

Rock on, hell yeah \m/