“Music is the universal language of mankind” -Henry Wadsworth Longfellow-

Welcome to Auftdart Academy of Music and Performing Arts!

Our Purpose, Ambition and Values

Auftdart was founded in order to

  • Nurture students who will become internationally cultural influencers and free thinkers.
  • Influence greatly the development of performing arts in Vietnam and to join the world’s leading experts.
  • Fire people’s spirits up through the art of learning to play instruments and rigorously applied theory.

Auftdart’s staff will try their best to make it

  • One of the best places to learn and play music professionally in Vietnam and soon, the world.
  • Internationally recognized for authentic expertise in musical education and practice.

Auftart promotes and values

  • Immersion in art
  • Integrity in art
  • Originality in art
  • Strong and life-long commitment to art
  • Top-notch art performances guaranteed
  • And most importantly, an undying love for art

A special thank you for your continued support and believing in our mission!

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